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We envision a world in which every student with college aspirations is able to afford, attend, and thrive in the college of his or her choice.

We are a group of teachers, counselors, and tutors working together to support students on their college journeys. Too many motivated, low-income students lack the resources to close the gap between their current circumstances and their college dreams. Better Angels aims to provide a bridge for our students (and we love doing it!).

We believe that if we…

help students identify and pursue their passions,
guide them through the college admissions process to share their stories in memorable and compelling ways,
and provide qualified, committed mentors throughout the journey (all in all, giving students the tools for a successful application and college experience)


motivated, low-income students will gain entrance to college,
be better prepared for college-level work,
thrive in their respective environments,
and develop practical skills and tools of self-reflection, exploration, and courage that will enable them to lead meaningful lives and impact change in their communities.

At Better Angels, we value:

Commitment to Excellence: We provide remarkable personalized service to each of our scholars throughout his or her college journey. We care about the details and the big picture, and we go the distance to make sure our scholars have the tools to pursue their dreams.

Personal Responsibility: By taking ownership of their college experiences, students gain confidence to succeed both at college and beyond. When our scholars work hard and dig deep in their processes of self-discovery, they naturally develop unique, strong college applications and obtain the skills to succeed once they arrive.

Communication and Connection: By taking time to get to know our students and their stories well, we are able to help them identify passions and guide them toward new opportunities.

Better Angels is a 501(c)(3)

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