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What We Offer

  • standardized test tutoring
  • preparing a strong and individualized college list
  • strategic course and extracurricular planning
  • relationship building with top choice schools
  • application support
  • interview preparation
  • one-on-one essay guidance
  • proctored examinations
  • test and application fees
  • financial aid application assistance
  • obtaining the strongest teacher recommendations

We begin working with students during their sophomore and junior years of high school to create a personalized action plan for their upcoming journeys. Through both in-person and online meetings, we provide generous support and guidance during the college preparation and application process. We help our scholars prepare for and transition to college life, as well as make the most of campus opportunities. Finally, we assist them as they craft resumes, apply to internships, and find meaningful work after graduation.

Better Angels is a 501(c)(3)

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